Gordon's Vineyard is located in the alluvial grey loans of Dixon's Creek in Victoria's Yarra Valley.


Rüdesheim 2013 is sourced from 2 small vineyards, Schlossberg and Klosterberg located on the south-facing slope of the Rheingau above the town of Rüdesheim.  They both vary in climatic conditions and soil composition. Schlossberg comprises of very stony quartzite slate with scattered deposits of red slate. Dry to very dry, slightly acidic to neutral soils that tend to dry out. Coarse with small amounts of fine soil, and thus poor water retention. In extremely dry years, old vines with deep roots have an advantage. The Klosterberg is situated near the monastery in Rüdesheim and are primarily loam soils that are a little bit warmer than Schlossberg that gives the wine more fruit character and body.